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Hello sisters,
So I had time to make this tonight, I’m not sure what material it is, but its not the softest, maybe after a good washing and ironing it will be okay, as I just got it today and started to sew on it. Anyhow, here are some picture of what I will call the flower hijab lol it’s similar it a lot of ways to the amira/princess one, but also like the square. From the material left over from cutting the semicircle I am going to make a niqab just to slide over the front of my face with a thing elastic black band. There is a lot of movement with this hijab, you can just wear it with the clip, I don’t have those cute plastic pins yet, or you can do that pining to the side of the head action, and then like just adjust to make that quick niqab cover, however, like I said I am going to make a separate add on.

Reminder, I am not an expert at sewing and the sewing you do see on the pictures is work in progress :)

If you have any suggestions, please toss them my way :) see you all later Insha’Allah.
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