Larissa Fae (larissafae) wrote in hijabi,
Larissa Fae

New and a question about hijab and long hair.

Hello! I'm Larissa; I'm a (currently) non-Muslim hijabi living in the States, and I have a question about long hair and hijabs.

I have very, very, very long hair; it's almost 4' long, about halfway between my rear and my knees, and very thick. I usually put it up in a bun and then wrap my scarf/ves of choice around it, but this leads to a couple of problems. Namely, it's boring. Then, I get a weird-looking hijab shape because my scarf dips down to my bun, then up and over it --- and if I put the bun more toward the top of my head, it pulls and gives me a headache. All my scarves are fairly loosely woven, as well, and I have no money right now to buy food (thank goodness I live with my Dad), much less better scarves.

Now, I've tried putting my hair in a ponytail, and then loosely wrapping the tail in a sort of loop, which cuts out the partially-absorbed-twin's-head look that my bun generally gives me in hijab, but it won't stay put for long. I do have a snood that I can try, though . . . I'll have to try that tomorrow and see if it helps at all. I haven't tried multiple buns, either; the thought of twisting almost 8' of hair when I really don't have to, not to mention I suck at doing more than one bun, isn't appealing.

So, my question, ladies, is do any of you have obscenely long hair like I do? And if you do, what are your suggestions, other than cutting it? I absolutely refuse to cut my hair; I trim it myself every few months to kill the dead ends, and to make sure that some well-meaning yet misguided hair stylist doesn't lob off a foot. >.< I've heard horror stories. Any links to video or picture tutorials would be great.

I told you I ramble. ^_^ Anyway, thank you all for your time, and for any advice you can give me!
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