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i discovered "semicircular" hijabs for little kids which* required a tieback, but i modifed it to fit adults and its doable, like really doable... i love it, just made one right now from my practice fabric i have and i cannot say how much i like this less fabric hijab. i dont have to deal with the table runner one or the huge turkish square, i like the fact that i am avoiding all the extra fluff that happens under my chin and i only have to use 1 safefy pin, which i plan to decorate. its fabric efficient, reduces multiple pins in the hair and will cost me less at fabric stores to buy! :) now i all i need is to make a pattern of this and to select ribbon borders tomorrow. amazing, alhamdulillah, that i have a minor gift for improvising and artsy craft stuff :-D i wearing it right now, its that comfortable. 

edit: ****so i actually did feel like drawing lol here is the link to the drawing. see what you made me do at ~6am? lol****

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